Quick Tip #11


Dealing with Downloaded Files – Help with extracting compressed files, Scallops

Wavy Lines – Flower lines

What Next? – Lines of Stars

Quick Tip #10 – Creating multiple lines, Midnight Constellations 9

Quick Tip #9 – How to make a beaded line, Midnight Constellations 9

What is Subway Art? – A brief description of subway art, Midnight Constellation 7 and 6 mm Heart lines.

Quick Tip #8 – creating a void in a satin stitch, Midnight Constellations 6 and 5 mm Dot lines.

Working with Motif Borders – Using custom motifs and two downloads: Midnight Constellations 5 and a set of motif borders in multiple lengths saved as individual files.

Plain Lines – Two downloads: Midnight Constellations 4 and a set of plain lines (triple run and four sizes of satin) in multiple lengths, all as individual files.

Motif Border – Using motif borders, free subway art dividers and ornaments. If you downloaded Subway Ornaments prior to 10:00 am CST on 2/17, you might want to download again. I have corrected an error in the file that had some of the hearts stuck together.

Midnight Constellations 3

Quick Tip #7 – Midnight Constellations 2

Quick Tip #6 – Midnight Constellations 1

Key Fobs – Using the Brother Scan n Cut to cut vinyl for key fobs, Midnight Constellations 0

Finding the Free FilesExtra stars to go with the Midnight Constellations font

Flower Earrings 2 – Flower Earring fail, Midnight Constellations Z

Flower Earrings 1 – Global Underlay, Midnight Constellations Y

Quick Tip #5 – Using color in organization, Midnight Constellations X

Monetizing – Disclosure, Midnight Constellations W

Quick Tip #4 – Selecting difficult objects, Midnight Constellations V

Floating – Instructions for floating an item for embroidery, Cross-hairs file, and satin heart earrings.

Heart Earrings – Part 6 – Lots of math and free open heart earrings.

Heart Earrings – Part 5 – Directions for creating FSL and free candy heart earrings.

Heart Earrings – Part 4 – Stand-alone satin borders in FSL and Midnight Constellations U

Midnight Constellations T –  Free Baby Lock magazine and Midnight Constellations T

Heart Earrings – Part 3  – More about FSL and Midnight Constellations S

Midnight Constellations R

Midnight Constellations Q

More about Copyright – What the liscence allows and Midnight Constellations P

Heart Earrings – Part 2 – FSL mistakes and Midnight Constellations O

Heart Earrings – First attempt at free-standing satin borders in FLS and Midnight Constellations N

Midnight Constellations M

Quick Tip #3 – Deleting the embossing when deleting an embossed object and Midnight Constellations L

Quick Tip #2 – Using the Zoom bar and Midnight Constellations K

Quick Tip #1 – Generating with objects selected and Midnight Constellations J

Midnight Constellations I – Link to Facebook group and Midnight Constellations I

Dividing – Dividing objects and Midnight Constellations H

Faces – Digitizing a face (poorly) and Midnight Constellations G

Setting Defaults – How and why to set stitch defaults and Midnight Constellations F

Adjust with an Arc – Adjusting the shape of objects and Midnight Constellations E

Ties – The two types of ties and Midnight Constellations D

The Building Block Bar – Using the Building Block Bar and Midnight Constellations C.

The Ins and Outs of Digitizing – Setting ins and outs for efficient stitching and Getting Old design in 4×4 and 5×7

Downloading Files – Instructions for downloading files from a mobile device.

Lost and Found – One of the pitfalls of working with multiple monitors and Midnight Constellations B

Embossing – Adding embossing to a design and Midnight Constellations A

Flower Font XXX Format

Flower Font 5×7 The entire Flower Font alphabet in 5×7

Getting Older – Arranging multiple monitors and discussion of creating the Getting Older design. The link to this file in in The Ins and Outs of Digitizing.

Flower Font, Part 2 – A question about non-English characters in fonts

Grouping Objects – Copyright issues, selecting objects that are close together and grouping objects

Graphics Tablet – A review of the graphics tablet I purchased, the Gaomon PD1560

Flower Font – The entire Flower Font alphabet in 4×4

Motifs 1 – Using motifs and how to get them to go where you want them, Flower Font C 4×4 file

Butterflies – Creating a butterfly, using radial stitches, rounding a satin stitch, two butterfly files

More about Create Outline from Area Edges – Fixing weird outlines (by fixing the original shape) and using Insert Text.

Freestanding Lace 5 – FSL Gingerbread Earrings file

Gradient Complex Fill – A little about gradient fill

Freestanding Lace 4 – Stitching order, FSL Christmas Tree Earrings file

Freestanding Lace 3 – Jump stitches in FSL, Snowman Earrings file link added 2/4/18

Freestanding Lace 2 – Creating a FSL “Joy” banner, part 2

Freestanding Lace 1 – Creating a FSL “Joy” banner, part 1

Why Digitize? – Brief discussion of and link to the Digitizing Quick Start program from

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