Working with objects

Quick Tip #8

When you create a void in a satin stitch, always double-check the direction of the stitches. I’ve been working on a clawed monster for my grandson. I wanted to remove some of the stitches in the applique cover stitch in… Read More ›

Quick Tip #6

Using either of the satin tools (side-by-side or side-to-side) gives me a neater result than using the area tool and setting or changing the type of stitch to satin. You have more control over the angle of the stitches with… Read More ›

Quick Tip #3

If you are working with embossing and delete an embossed object, be sure to click View Embossed and make sure you don’t have stray embossing lines hanging around. I’m not sure if they actually affect anything or not if their… Read More ›