More about Copyright

I am very careful about using copyrighted material. has new free fonts each week. Their sister site,, has free graphics each week. Usually the free items come with their Premium License, which allows making and selling items with… Read More ›

Heart Earrings

  We’re coming up on another holiday, so of course I need new earrings. I’m trying something a little different this time. It’s still FSL, but I’m covering the underlay with a single wider (3 mm) satin stitch instead of… Read More ›

Quick Tip #3

If you are working with embossing and delete an embossed object, be sure to click View Embossed and make sure you don’t have stray embossing lines hanging around. I’m not sure if they actually affect anything or not if their… Read More ›

Quick Tip #1

When you Generate with one or more objects selected, only the selected objects are affected. For example, if you have moved your ins and outs but the lines didn’t change when you generated, you may still have an object selected…. Read More ›


There are two ways to divide objects: Divide with Line(s) and Divide with a Curve. Both are accessed through the View Outline setting by right-clicking the object. The difference between the two is whether the dividing line is a straight… Read More ›


I was playing around with a photograph, trying to figure out how much information one needs to have a recognizable face. (This is a good time to remind you that I can’t draw, so be kind.) By recognizable, I mean… Read More ›