Lessons Learned

  • If a piece has several parts, think about the engineering before you begin.
  • If you plan to make several things the same way, make a note of the settings you used.
  • Avoid jump stitches in FLS.
  • Trim loose threads on the back of FSL after each step.
  • Smaller objects are more challenging.
  • The up and down arrow keys will select the previous and next stitches.
  • If a shape has a bobble or cross in it, it will cause problems when a satin border is generated.
  • Remember to generate the file before you export it.
  • Satin stitches can be edited to make the end rounder.
  • Make sure the text is selected in the Insert Text dialog box to enter the text.
  • Deleting stitches doesn’t change the outline of the shape.
  • If you plan to make a font, get everything absolutely correct on the first letter. It’s annoying to realize the green should have stitched first when you’re on W.
  • Digitizing really is easier with a graphics tablet.
  • The grid is helpful when selecting objects.
  • The edges of areas can’t cross.
  • Monitors can be stacked instead of side by side.
  • If you are radically changing the architecture of a design, it might be better to start over instead of trying to modify the original design.
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