Working with objects

Order of Operations

No, I’m not going to torture you with more math. In creating an embroidery design, it’s important to think in layers. For example, a person’s face and neck might need to be stitched before his shirt. Fortunately, Generations allows you… Read More ›

Quick Tip #10

I’ve been digitizing rows of objects in different lengths lately. My procedure has been the following, starting with the shortest line: Create one object. Save the single file. Copy and paste more objects until I get the length I want…. Read More ›

Quick Tip #8

When you create a void in a satin stitch, always double-check the direction of the stitches. I’ve been working on a clawed monster for my grandson. I wanted to remove some of the stitches in the applique cover stitch in… Read More ›

Quick Tip #6

Using either of the satin tools (side-by-side or side-to-side) gives me a neater result than using the area tool and setting or changing the type of stitch to satin. You have more control over the angle of the stitches with… Read More ›