Midnight Constellations


I was playing around with a photograph, trying to figure out how much information one needs to have a recognizable face. (This is a good time to remind you that I can’t draw, so be kind.) By recognizable, I mean… Read More ›

Setting Defaults

Generations has two stitch default settings, both of which are found under the Accessories menu. Set default stitch type allows you to specify which stitch types should be used by the line tools, Create Free Hand Line and Create Continuous… Read More ›


Generations has several settings for tying stitches at the beginning and end of a section. These are found on the Tie Off tab of the Stitch Properties screen. There are two ways to tie off. The first one involves going… Read More ›

Lost and Found

Just a quick note tonight. I managed to misplace both my Navigator and Tool Property windows. Neither one of them would open, even after several re-installs. I eventually realized that these two windows are not tied to the main window… Read More ›


I’ve started working on a new font, based on Midnight Constellations. I decided the stars needed a little help so I’ve been playing with embossing. The first thing to know about embossing is that it adds stitches to the design…. Read More ›