Midnight Constellations T

Baby Lock has started a free online magazine. It promotes Baby Lock products, of course, but I found several interesting articles in the first issue. It includes video how-tos for most of the projects. You can sign up here: Totally Stitchin Sign Up.

On a totally unrelated note, I went to the feed store yesterday to get feed and cedar bedding. After I moved 100 pounds of feed from my driveway to the back porch, I was tired so I left the package of cedar bedding in my back seat. I didn’t notice anything this morning, but when I got in my car to go home for lunch, the car smelled amazing!


Midnight Constellations THere’s the next letter of the Midnight Constellations Font.

You are welcome to use these file to make objects for personal use or for sale. You may not resell or distribute the embroidery files. Be sure to test first.

Midnight Constellations T 3″

Dropbox may ask you to create an account or sign in, but there’s a ‘no thanks’ link that will let you proceed to the download.

If you are having trouble downloading the files, please read Downloading Files.

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