There are two ways to divide objects: Divide with Line(s) and Divide with a Curve. Both are accessed through the View Outline setting by right-clicking the object.

Egg being divided by a 'curve'The difference between the two is whether the dividing line is a straight line or not. For example, if I want to draw an egg and crack it open, I would use Divide with a Curve, even though I want jagged points and not actual curves. If I did want the lines to curve, I would right-click to set my points.

The steps are slightly different, however. For Curve, you set all the points you need for one divider and press Enter. The first and last points should be outside the object and the line should not cross itself. Repeat this until you have all the sections defined, remembering to press Enter at the end. After you press Enter at the end of your final divider, press Esc to drop the tool and Generate.

Egg divided into three sections with one curveThe divider can come back around and continue across the object again if desired. However you can’t draw a closed curve. If I wanted to make a heart in the middle of my egg, I’d need to draw the egg and the heart and use the heart to create a void in the egg.

When using Line(s), it isn’t necessary to press Enter at the end of each line because the line is defined with exactly two points, both of which must be outside the object. You can continue to set as many lines as you want, but each one will be separate. When you have finished, press Enter to confirm, press Esc to drop the tool and generate.

Divide with crossing lines.Although the lines you draw can’t cross themselves, they can cross other lines. In the picture at the left, you would have 9 sections when you generated.

I’ve been dividing objects quite a bit lately, and I realized tonight that I was doing it all wrong. In the Midnight Constellations font, I draw the main letter and then generate a satin border outline for the dark blue edge. Unfortunately, I can’t create a void in the border where the stars will be, so I’ve been dividing the outline into pieces and removing the parts that would be under the stars. Then I add running stitches to travel under the stars from one piece of the border to the next, which would have to be moved up in the Stitch Sequence. It finally occurred to me that the pieces I was deleting went exactly where I needed to travel and that I could just change them to running stitches. On top of that, they were already in the right order, at least for the most part.Dividing the outline

Midnight Constellations HHere’s the next letter of the Midnight Constellations Font.

You are welcome to use these file to make objects for personal use or for sale. You may not resell or distribute the embroidery files. Be sure to test first.

Midnight Constellations H 3″

Dropbox may ask you to create an account or sign in, but there’s a ‘no thanks’ link that will let you proceed to the download.

If you are having trouble downloading the files, please read Downloading Files.



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