I was playing around with a photograph, trying to figure out how much information one needs to have a recognizable face. (This is a good time to remind you that I can’t draw, so be kind.) By recognizable, I mean that you can tell it’s a person, not necessarily a particular person.

I realize that this could be greatly improved upon, but it was surprisingly quick to do. I chose the photo because I just happened to have it on my computer, but if I can get my grandsons to stand still long enough to get a good picture, I plan to give them a try next.

Bonus points to you if you have any idea who this started out to be. 🙂 Or maybe not. I know who it is and I don’t think I’d be able to identify it. But at least you can tell it’s a person. For me, that’s a win.

Line drawing of a face

Midnight Constellations GHere’s the next letter of the Midnight Constellations Font.

You are welcome to use these file to make objects for personal use or for sale. You may not resell or distribute the embroidery files. Be sure to test first.

Midnight Constellations G 3″

Dropbox may ask you to create an account or sign in, but there’s a ‘no thanks’ link that will let you proceed to the download.

If you are having trouble downloading the files, please read Downloading Files.

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