Setting Defaults

Generations has two stitch default settings, both of which are found under the Accessories menu.

Default Stitch Type DialogSet default stitch type allows you to specify which stitch types should be used by the line tools, Create Free Hand Line and Create Continuous Line, and the area tools, Create Free Hand Area, Create Rectangle, Create Circle, and Create True Ellipse.

It’s important to note that your settings will not be applied unless you check the User Defined box on each tab.

This is a real time-saver if you are doing multiple items with the same settings. For example, for the Midnight Constellations font, I need the areas to all be Complex Fill. The only lines I’m using are travel stitches for the outlines, so I have my line stitch set to Run.

Default Stitch Settings allows you to specify defaults for each stitch. The settings available vary depending on the type of stitch. These settings can be saved and loaded, which is quite helpful. For example, when I was working on the Flower Font, I had two settings saved — one for the leaf and one for the bloom. Some people create a folder for all these settings, but I find that it’s easier to keep them in the folder where I am saving the individual letters, at least while I’m working. Doing so eliminates navigating back to the correct folder each time.

Default Stitch Settings has a place to select the color, but I haven’t been able to make it work correctly. In addition, the color selection doesn’t reflect the thread pallet, so I’m not sure how useful it would be anyway.


Midnight Constellations FHere’s the next letter of the Midnight Constellations Font.

You are welcome to use these file to make objects for personal use or for sale. You may not resell or distribute the embroidery files. Be sure to test first.

Midnight Constellations F 3″

Dropbox may ask you to create an account or sign in, but there’s a ‘no thanks’ link that will let you proceed to the download.

If you are having trouble downloading the files, please read Downloading Files.

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