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I’ve been working on the pillow case for another grandson. This time I created an applique with a double satin border. I started by creating a shape in complex fill to represent the applique. Then I made two satin borders, offsetting the second one by the width of the first one.

Bone with text in Generations

Generations File

The satin border had a wonky place where the stitches were going the wrong direction. I finally realized what was causing this. In the original shape that I used to generate the borders, the spot where the beginning and end came together had an overlap that made sort of an X shape. Once I corrected that and regenerated the borders, everything was great.

Letter R showing sections

Letter R showing sections

I also experimented further with Insert Text. This font is @Bookbol, which I think comes with Generations. Each letter is divided into several pieces which stitch separately. I noticed that they were in an odd order, but I didn’t change anything because I wanted to see what would happen. For example the serifs were separate pieces and on some letters the serif stitched after the main part of the letter, so I ended up with odd jump stitches. Next time I’ll know to rearrange them and adjust the ins and outs. In a couple of places, the bottom or top of the letter didn’t quite join the rest of it. Again, this is something that I should have adjusted. However, the direction of the stitches is wonderful! Notice the way the pieces of the R fit together. When I joined all the sections into one object, the stitch direction wasn’t nearly as nice. I think I might need to adjust the density on the letters for next time. One thing I did correctly was to group the pieces of each letter so they wouldn’t get separated as I adjusted them.

After I entered my text, I was able to draw a baseline so I could get a nice curve and arrange the letters so they were spaced nicely. I’m very impressed with this feature of Generations. Here’s the final product. There’s a bit of space between the two borders in a couple of places, but it’s not noticeable because the dark border is very close to the color of the main fabric. I also didn’t get my applique fabric trimmed as closely as I would have liked, but on the whole, I think it will do.

Bone and name

Rhett – Finished Product

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