Why Digitize?

Why was I interested in digitizing? I really don’t know. I’ve had my embroidery machine for about two years now, and use it mostly for gifts for family and friends. (I initially bought it so I could add embroidery to a bookshelf quilt. The quilt still isn’t finished, but that’s another story.) I sell things from time to time, but not on a regular basis. I consider myself a lifetime learner, and digitizing intrigued me.

I stumbled across a free webinar from the folks at http://www.youcandigitize.com/. Holly Pike was an excellent teacher, and they offered a discount on their Digitizing Quick Start (DQS) course for people who had viewed the webinar. By the end of the hour, I was hooked and decided to enroll in DQS. The course came with a fully-functional 30-day trial of Generations.

In addition to the lessons included with the course, there were numerous recorded webinars available, as well as four live webinars each month. I won’t say I watched every webinar on the site, but I gave it a good shot.

DQS is an excellent way to get your feet wet. There are other software manufacturers who offer free trials of their programs and instructional webinars, but having the structured lessons made a tremendous difference to me.

Here are some things I learned during the 30 days.

  • It isn’t necessary to be an artist to digitize. Most digitizers purchase artwork to turn into embroidery files.
  • I enjoy the creativity of translating artwork into embroidery.
  • While it will take many hours of practice and instruction before I can call myself a professional, digitizing is well within my reach.
  • Good digitizing software is fairly expensive.
  • Digitizing is a lot of fun!


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