Freestanding Lace 2

Several days later I came back to work on the O and discovered that I had made another rookie mistake. I couldn’t remember what font I had used or what size I had made it. Sigh…

Generations has another nice feature called Building Blocks. It allows you to save things you want to use over and over. I saved the hanging loop so it would be the same every time, and I saved the pieces of my scroll work. I could do the same thing by opening the other file and copying and pasting what I need, but it’s easier to use Building Blocks.

Once I figured out the font and size, I created the lace base and outline for the letter O and started trying to place my scroll work pieces. It didn’t take long to realize that they weren’t going to fit without some adjustment. I ended up adding plain stems between the curled ones in order to fill in the space.

When I stitched out the O, the satin edging separated in a couple of places. I’m not sure if this was because I decided to try stitching the O with only one layer of stabilizer (not a good idea) or if it was because the O was more curved. I have to redo this one anyway (bonus points to you if you see why), so I’ll try it again with two layers of stabilizer. If I end up redoing the J so the scroll work matches better, I may make the satin edge a little wider.

On the plus side, the two letters hang straight down as I intended.

Letter O with scroll work.

The second letter of J-O-Y.

Lesson Learned: If you plan to make several things the same way, make a note of the settings you used.

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