Midnight Constellations 6

Quick Tip #8

When you create a void in a satin stitch, always double-check the direction of the stitches. I’ve been working on a clawed monster for my grandson. I wanted to remove some of the stitches in the applique cover stitch in… Read More ›

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  • Motif Border

    Subway Art Ornaments and Lines

    Another of the stitch choices for lines is the Motif Border. As you might expect, this changes a plain line into a line of whatever motif you pick out. The line can be straight or curved. Sometimes you see this… Read More ›

  • Midnight Constellations 3

    Midnight Constellations 3

      I might as well face it. I’m not going to get anything written on Wednesday nights until The Assassination of Gianni Versace is finished. Here is the next number of the Midnight Constellations Font. You are welcome to use… Read More ›

  • Quick Tip #7

    Midnight Constellations 2

    Use embossing to insert a dividing line in small areas. For example, I was working on a face. Instead of doing each lip separately, I did them together as a satin, then added an embossing line to divide them. This… Read More ›

  • Quick Tip #6

    Midnight Constellations 1

    Using either of the satin tools (side-by-side or side-to-side) gives me a neater result than using the area tool and setting or changing the type of stitch to satin. You have more control over the angle of the stitches with… Read More ›

  • Key Fobs

    Midnight Constellations 0

    When I first started embroidering, one of the first things I found a market for was personalized key fobs. I found out very quickly that it was a pain (literally) to have to cut the vinyl by hand. I had… Read More ›

  • Finding the Free Files

    Four Stars

    When I share a font, I post the letters in order. However I don’t always use the letter as the featured image for the post. If you can’t find a letter, here are two things you can do. Use the… Read More ›

  • Flower Earrings 2

    Large flower earring

    Well, that was interesting. The flower didn’t fall apart when I removed the WSS, so I suppose it was a technical success. However, I really don’t like the way it looks. (That’s not a great photo, by the way. The… Read More ›

  • Flower Earrings 1

    Sonia Showalter Hummingbird earrings

    There are a number of items in the Accessories menu of Generations, one of which is Create Global Underlay. This does exactly what you would expect; it creates an underlay for all the selected area objects. It will be grayed… Read More ›

  • Quick Tip #5

    Midnight Constellations X

    When I was working on the outline of the Midnight Constellations W, I ended up with 16 segments, most of which were not in the correct order. I was getting very confused as I tried to arrange them because they… Read More ›

  • Monetizing

    Midnight Constellations W

    As you can see, the sites at WordPress have a number of ads on each page. If one has a free account, then WordPress gets all the ad money. If one is willing to pay approximately $50 a year, then… Read More ›