Winter Hat in bluework

A, B … C

Long time, no see. It’s been a while. I’ve been working on birthday and Easter things, including trying to digitize a fairly complicated design for a birthday pillowcase. It came out okay, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied and I’m not… Read More ›

Applique Shamrock and the word "Lucky" in motif fill.

Order of Operations

No, I’m not going to torture you with more math. In creating an embroidery design, it’s important to think in layers. For example, a person’s face and neck might need to be stitched before his shirt. Fortunately, Generations allows you… Read More ›

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  • Dealing with Downloaded Files

    2" Scallop line

    I’ve seen several posts on Facebook recently where people have had trouble using downloaded files, not specifically from my site, but in general. Maybe this will help. When you download a file using your computer, you will do so using… Read More ›

  • Wavy Lines

    Flower Line

    Did you miss Midnight Constellations 9? I posted it late in the day on Thursday and some of you might not have seen it. If so, just click Midnight Constellations in the sub-menu (right below Home) to get a list… Read More ›

  • What Next?

    3" line of 13 mm Stars

    Hmm. What to work on next? I have a few more borders for you as well as some shamrock earrings. I need to revisit the lily earrings and clean up the trillium earrings. I saw someone on Facebook mention the… Read More ›

  • Quick Tip #10

    Midnight Constellations 9

    I’ve been digitizing rows of objects in different lengths lately. My procedure has been the following, starting with the shortest line: Create one object. Save the single file. Copy and paste more objects until I get the length I want…. Read More ›

  • Quick Tip #9

    Midnight Constellations 8

    If you combine the satin plain line with the triple run plain line, you get a beaded look. The triple run goes on top for this effect. I used two different colors and enlarged it so you could see it… Read More ›

  • What is Subway Art?

    Midnight Constellations 7

    Several people have asked about the term “Subway Art” so I went looking for a definition. I found this post that describes it. What is Subway Art? Basically, subway art, also known as typography art, is arranging words in a… Read More ›

  • Quick Tip #8

    Midnight Constellations 6

    When you create a void in a satin stitch, always double-check the direction of the stitches. I’ve been working on a clawed monster for my grandson. I wanted to remove some of the stitches in the applique cover stitch in… Read More ›

  • Working with Motif Borders

    Midnight Constellations 5

    I discovered an error in the Subway Ornaments file. Some of the hearts were stuck together because they were the same color. I corrected the file yesterday. You may want to download it again. Motif Border After I finished creating… Read More ›

  • Plain Lines

    Midnight Constellations 4

    Judging by the response to my last post (Wow!), I was not the only one who often found myself wishing I had a line of some kind. I grouped all the items together in one file last time because it… Read More ›

  • Motif Border

    Subway Art Ornaments and Lines

    Another of the stitch choices for lines is the Motif Border. As you might expect, this changes a plain line into a line of whatever motif you pick out. The line can be straight or curved. Sometimes you see this… Read More ›